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What We Learned at the European and African Summits in 2021

Edinburgh, Scotland is a hub of conversational AI - littered with startups, labs, established businesses, and University departments focused on the topic. As an industry-funded Conversational AI PhD Researcher, I was approached by Sydney to help organise the European Chatbot and Conversational AI Summit in Edinburgh.

Of course, the event…

Both Academic Research, and Implementation in Industry and the Public Sector

On the 12th of October I hosted the 7th meetup of the Scottish Linked Data Interest Group, otherwise known as SLiDInG 7.

SLiDInG 7 was supported by The Scottish Government and SICSA Data Science, and organised by Wallscope and Heriot-Watt’s Semantic Web Lab (SWeL).

We brought industry, academia, and the…

Combining RDFox and Wallscope’s Platform

Photo from Unsplash - Edited by Felicity Mulford and Angus Addlesee

In 2012, the BBC famously used linked data to support coverage of the London Olympics on its website, app, and interactive video player. They have continued to champion the benefits of semantic technologies to this day.

Coincidentally, as I started to write this, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics were planned to…

Can you read my…

Photo by Reuben Juarez on Unsplash


Every single one of us will intermittently try to conjure the right word for a given moment, pausing mid-sentence to try and remember it. For example, forgetting the name of a place caused this hesitation:

“He was at that coffee shop on the corner called umm… Peppers”

We can all…

Combining dialogue & computer vision to assist in the kitchen

Photo by Amanda Lins on Unsplash


Speaking to your home is no longer a sci-fi fantasy but a common part of everyday life for many. This is undoubtedly exciting, but the accessibility of voice assistants (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc…) is now more crucial than ever. …

Image Basics: Storage, Color Spaces, and Manipulation

If you’re interested in human vision, read part 2 here.

Following what we learned about human vision, we’re now going to transfer some of that knowledge to computer vision (exciting right?!).

Very quickly, to quickly explain/recap this series, Joseph Redmon released a set of 20 lectures on computer vision in…

Angus Addlesee

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